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Mystical Agriculture adds new ways to farm resources. No longer do you have to mine for stone. Gone are the days of strip mining for resources. With Mystical Agriculture you can grow resources from stone, to Cobalt, to Marble, to Glowstone. Also introduces a bunch of upgraded material types which can be used to craft new tool sets, armor sets, and machines.

A Note About Automatic Harvesters

In my tests, harvesting a crop by hand had a small chance to drop seeds of the plant which I was harvesting. This includes harvesting with a Scythe. When I had crops harvested with a Cyclic Harvester, not a single seed dropped. If you are looking to expand your crop fields, you will either have to do a lot of manually crafting of seeds, or you should start by harvesting your fields manually.

A Note About Farming For Blockheads

I have tested the fertilizers from Farming for Blockheads and have determined that only Red Fertilizer has an effect on Mystic Agriculture plants. Red fertilizer did not increase the drops I got from harvesting them with right click, even manually. However, when crops were broken with left click, the crop yield was multiplied by 2. Green Fertilizer did not increase the rate at which Mystical Agriculture plants grew. Yellow Fertilizer actually did prevent the tilled soil from being trampled however.

Getting Started

There are two things that you need to get started with Mystical Agriculture: Prosperity Shards and Inferium Essence. Both of these resources can be found as ores, but this might be the hardest way to obtain them in Sky Factory 4.

The easiest way to obtain Prosperity Shards is probably to craft a Prosperity Sapling. You can then manually grow and cut down Prosperity Trees, or use Bonsai Pots.

Inferium Essence drops from mobs when you kill them. It can also be obtained in bulk using Deep Mob Learning’s Loot Fabricator. Once you have gotten a small amount of initial Inferium Essence, you can craft Inferium Essence Seeds and grow more.

Once you have your Prosperity Shards and your Inferium Essence, you can begin to craft seeds. There are 86 different types of seeds which you can craft, but they all use the same basic set of components: Crafting Seeds.

There are six Crafting Seeds which are used to craft each of the 86 different types of plant: Basic, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier3, Tier 4, and Tier 5. As the Tier gets higher, the crafting recipe gets more expensive. The better the plant you are trying to craft, the higher the tier of crafting seed it will require. Dirt seeds require Tier 1, while Glowstone Seeds require Tier 4.

Initially, you can only craft Basic and Tier 1 seeds because you only have Prosperity Shards and Inferium. In order to obtain higher tier essence, you need to transform your Inferium into Prudentium. You can do this with an Infusion Crystal or a Master Infusion Crystal. Both Infusion Crystals take 4 pieces of essence of the same tier (Inferium, Prudentium, Intermedium, or Superium) and transform it into a single, higher tier essence. The Infusion Crystal can be used 1000 times for this purpose, while the Master Infusion Crystal can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Mob Seeds

Most seed types are pretty straightforward to obtain. Mob seeds require a little bit of extra work because you need to obtain Mob Chunks in order to craft them.

To obtain Mob Chunks, you first will need to craft a Soulium Dagger. Killing mobs with the Soulium Dagger has a chance to drop a Mob Chunk for that type of mob. The percentage chance of a Mob Chunk dropping from such a kill is visible in the JEI. Higher tier chunks (Endermen, Wither Skeletons) have a lower chance of dropping

You can also craft specific Mob Chunks using Blank Mob Chunks.  Blank Mob Chunks are obtained by smelting any normal Mob Chunks that you obtain with a Soulium Dagger. The tier of the Blank Mob Chunk will be the same as the tier of the Mob Chunk which you smelted to get it.

Machines and Utility Blocks

Furnaces: there are several tiers of furnace (Inferium, Prudentium, Intermedium, Superium, Supremium, Ultimate) which have upgraded efficiency over the vanilla furnace. This efficiency increases the speed of smelting without increasing fuel usage.

Seed Reprocessor:  there are several tiers of Seed Reprocessor (Basic, Inferium, Prudentium, Intermedium, Superium, Supremium, Ultimate)  which have varying speeds and fuel storage capacities. Seed Reprocessors take seeds and transform that back into their original form (Inferium Seeds to Inferium, Dirt Seeds to Dirt Essence, etc.)

Growth Accelerator: increases the speed of crops above it. Its effects do stack and placing multiple Growth Accelerators under the same crop increases its growth speed by even more

Tinkering Tables: there are several different types of Tinkering Table. They are all exactly the same except for the material they are made out of and the aesthetic look in-game. Tinkering Tables are used to add charms to tools, weapons, and armor.

Tools and Weapons

There are now upgraded versions of vanilla tools and weapons. This includes the sword, pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe, shears, bow, and fishing rod; below, for each tier, the durability and damage compared to the diamond variant is listed. All of the new tiers are enchantable except Supremium.

Inferium Durability: 500

Inferium Damage: -1

Prudentium Durability: 1000

Prudentium Damage: +1

Intermedium Durability: 2000

Intermedium Damage: +4

Superium Durability: 4000

Superium Damage: +8

Supremium Durability: UNLIMITED

Supremium Damage: +14

The Sickle: a new tool added by Mystical Agriculture which comes in all of the different tiers, with the corresponding durabilities mentioned above. Left click on crops with the Sickle to destroy them. It destroys a large area at a time.

The Scythe: a new tool added by Mystical Agriculture which comes in all of the different tiers with the corresponding durabilities mentioned above. Right click on crops to harvest them (the seeds are replanted automatically). This is done in a 3x3 area. Also does a decent amount of damage.

Bows: in addition to the upgraded durability and damage that comes from being available in so many tiers, the Bows also have upgraded draw speed as their tier increases

Arrows: the arrows also can be upgraded with essence. Each arrow has increased damage and special effects based on its tier:

  • Inferium: +0.5 Damage, Blindness
  • Prudentium: +1.2 Damage, Blindness, Slowness
  • Intermedium: +2.0 Damage, Blindness, Slowness, Poison
  • Superium: +3.2 Damage, Blindness, Slowness, Poison, Weakness
  • Supremium: +4.5 Damage, Blindness, Slowness, Poison, Weakness, Wither

Watering Cans: a new tool which increases the crop growth speed in an area when you right click. The better the tier of the Watering Can, the larger the affected area, from 1x1 to 9x9.

Each use of the watering can has a chance of boosting a crops growth 0-1000 ticks (0-50 seconds).

The way the game determines if the boost happens is by choosing a random number between 0 and 100, and then it rolls another for you. If your score is higher then what the game rolled then you are good. Don't worry, you have a boost to your odds! The game starts you at 40 and adds 4 * the watering can level.

The better the watering can the higher the level of it. Infernium is level 0, and increases by one each iteration higher.

Soulium Dagger: a tool which can be used to get Mob Chunks from mobs. Can be enchanted. The percentage chance that a mob chunk will drop from its corresponding mob can be seen in the JEI.


Just like the tools and weapons, vanilla armor is now available in the several tiers. In addition to having upgraded stats, the new armor variants provide set bonuses at higher tiers. Below, the different tiers are listed with their total armor (as a full set), armor toughness, and their set bonus.

Diamond Armor: 20

Diamond Armor Toughness: 2

Diamond Set Bonus: None

Inferium Armor: 13

Inferium Armor Toughness: 0.5

Inferium Set Bonus: None

Prudentium Armor: 15

Prudentium Armor Toughness: 0.75

Prudentium Set Bonus: Water Breathing

Intermedium Armor: 19

Intermedium Armor Toughness: 1

Intermedium Set Bonus: Step Assist

Superium Armor: 23

Superium Armor Toughness: 1.25

Superium Set Bonus: No Fall Damage

Supremium Armor: 26

Supremium Armor Toughness: 1.5

Supremium Set Bonus: Flight


Supremium tier tools, weapons, and armor cannot be enchanted, but they can be upgraded with Charms. This requires the use of a Tinkering Table. Put the tool you want to upgrade into the center slot of a Tinkering Table. Put the Charm you want to add in the top left slot. Fill the remaining slots on the left with Prosperity Shards and the remaining slots on the right with Supremium Essence.

Each item only has one Charm Slot, so it can only have one active Charm at a time. If you hover your mouse over your item, you can see what Charm it currently has equipped. Below is a list of Charms:

Night Vision:

Type: Helmet

Effect: Grants Night Vision


Type: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

Effect: Gives 10 Absorption Hearts per 8 minutes

Wither Resistance:

Type: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

Effect: Prevents the player from being affected by Wither


Type: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

EffectL Prevents the player from being affected by Poison

Fire Resistance:

Type: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

Effect: Prevents the player from taking Fire Damage


Type: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots

Effect: Reduces the amount of damage taken by 20%


Type: Chestplate, Sword

Effect: Increases attack damage

Strength II:

Type: Sword

Effect: Massively increases attack damage


Type: Leggings

Effect: Increases movement speed

Jump Boost:

Type: Boots

Effect: Increases jump height

Miner’s Vision:

Type: Pickaxe

Effect: Allows your tool to place unlimited light sources


Type: Shears

Effect: Wool is randomly given a color

Quick Draw:

Type: Bow

Effect: Fire speed is increased

Triple Shot:

Type: Bow

Effect: Fires three arrows at once. Three arrows are consumed rather than one

Mining AOE:

Type: Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel

Effect: Increases the mining area of the tool to 3x3

Attack AOE:

Type: Sword

Effect: Increases the attack area if the sword to 5x5

Tilling AOE:

Type: Hoe

Effect: Increases the till area of the hoe to 7x7

Shearing AOE:

Type: Shears

Effect: Increases shearing radius to 5x5 and block breaking radius to 3x3x3

Reaping AOE:

Type: Sickle

Effect; Increases reaping area radius to 7x7x7

Scything AOE:

Type: Scythe

Effect: Increases Scythe’s harvest and attack radius to 5x5


Fertilized Essence: bonemeal that works on Mystical Agriculture crops which has a 5% chance to drop each time a plant is harvested.

Mystical Fertilizer: a magical bonemeal like resource which instantly grows Mystical Agriculture crops to full maturity

Apples: like golden apples, there are now essence apples for each tier. The better the tier, the better the effects.

  • Inferium: Absorption II (4:00)
  • Prudentium: Absorption II (4:00), Speed II (4:00)
  • Intermedium: Absorption II (4:00), Speed II (4:00), Resistance II (4:00)
  • Superium: Absorption II (4:00), Speed II (4:00), Resistance II (4:00), Regeneration II (4:00)
  • Supremium: Absorption II (4:00), Speed II (4:00), Resistance II (4:00), Regeneration II (4:00), Strength II (4:00)

Coal: there are new coal types which are more efficient than vanilla coal